-he/she will darken
The word oscurecerá is the future form of oscurecer in the third person singular.
See the full oscurecer conjugation


¡El sol se oscurecerá y la luna de sangre!
The sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood!
Pronto oscurecerá, nos sentaremos a la mesa como una familia.
It'll be dark soon, we'll all sit at the table like a family.
Estás lastimado, oscurecerá pronto, probablemente está bien.
You're hurt, it'll be dark soon, she's probably fine.
Si te sientas al sol, tu color se oscurecerá, vamos.
If you sit in the sun you'll get dark. Come on.
Pronto oscurecerá, así que tengo que encontrar un refugio.
Dark soon, so I have to... find shelter.
Mira oscurecerá pronto, necesitas irte.
Look, it's gonna get dark soon, you need to go.
Si no se da prisa, oscurecerá.
If he doesn't hurry up, it'll be dark.
Yo no quiero ir, oscurecerá pronto.
I don't want to, it'll be dark soon.
Aún no oscurecerá por un rato.
It won't be dark for a while yet.
Pronto oscurecerá, y no quiero que esté solo con esta gente.
It's gonna get dark soon, and I don't like him alone with these people.
Será mejor que vuelvas, pronto oscurecerá.
You better go back, it'll be dark soon.
Tenemos que bajar, oscurecerá rápido.
We need to go down, now begin to darken.
Se oscurecerá en una hora.
It'll be dark in an hour.
No oscurecerá hasta las 6.
It doesn't get dark till 6 o'clock.
Solo quería hacerles saber que pronto oscurecerá.
I just wanted to let you know it's going to get dark soon.
El sol se oscurecerá tan pronto salga y la luna no dará su luz.
The rising sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light.
Es decir, se oscurecerá eventualmente.
I mean, he'll brown up eventually.
Pronto oscurecerá y será mi turno.
Soon it will be dark and time for me to take over.
El sol se está poniendo, Pronto oscurecerá.
The sun is fading. It'll be dark soon.
Y pronto oscurecerá aquí.
Soon, it will be dark here.
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