Possible Results:
Futureél/ella/ustedconjugation ofodiar.
-I hated
Imperfect subjunctiveyoconjugation ofodiar.
Imperfect subjunctiveél/ella/ustedconjugation ofodiar.


El comité lo odiará, por supuesto, pero no me importa.
The committee will hate it, of course, but I don't care.
Y no me odiará porque es su idea.
And she won't hate me because it's her idea.
Si estuvieran llenos de odio, la gente les odiará.
If you are full of hatred, people will hate you.
Si eres falsa o cruel, todo el mundo te odiará.
If you're fake or mean, everyone will hate you.
Segundo, si hace algo así, se odiará a sí misma.
Secondly, if you did something like that, you'd hate yourself.
Si así pues, Google no odiará tu Web site.
If you do so, Google will not hate your website.
¿Importa que la gente te odiará por ello?
Does it matter that people will hate you for it?
Nos odiará para siempre si no se lo permitimos.
She'll hate us forever if we don't allow it.
Él odiará tener que compartirlo con nosotros, Eso es seguro.
He's gonna hate having to share it with us, that's for sure.
Venga, ella lo odiará a usted más que a mí.
Come, she'll hate you more than me.
Entonces ¿Quién odiará o amará más al nuevo dólar?
So who will hate or love this new dollar more?
Ella te perdonará y me odiará para siempre.
She'll forgive you and and hate me forever.
De lo contrario, si come mucho, odiará.
Otherwise, if you eat much, you will be hated.
Porque aquel que ama su género no odiará ninguna especie animal.
For he who loves the genus will not hate any species of animals.
Si ella se entera, te odiará mucho màs por mentirle.
If she knows, she'll hate you a lot more for not telling her.
Ahora mírame a los ojos y dime que no me odiará.
Now look me in the eye and tell me that he won't hate me.
Por cierto, mi familia te odiará.
By the way, my family's gonna hate you.
Creo que mucha gente lo odiará.
I think a lot of people will hate it.
Necesito que funcione o me odiará.
I need it to work or he'll hate me.
Si se lo dices, me odiará y perderé a mi mejor amiga.
If you tell her, she'll hate me and I'll lose my best friend.
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