Imperfectellos/ellas/ustedesconjugation ofodiar.


Mi vida y quienes me amaban o me odiaban desaparecían.
My life and who loved me or hated me disappeared.
Una lista de gente que ella y Nick odiaban.
A list of people and things she and Nick hated.
La verdad es, se odiaban la mayoría del tiempo.
Truth is, they hated each other most of the time.
Todos sabían que era diferente y la odiaban por eso.
Everyone knew she was different, and they hated her for it.
Pero sabía que él y Robert se odiaban.
But you knew that he and Robert hated each other.
Los ancestros me odiaban por lo que hice con mi magia.
The ancestors hated me for what I did with my magic.
Amaban a sus familias y no odiaban a nadie.
They loved their families and did not hate anybody.
Los Escorpión odiaban cuando no reaccionabas a sus provocaciones.
Scorpions hated it when you didn't react to their provocations.
Porque odiaban a todos o a todo lo que era diferente.
Because they hated anyone or anything that was different.
Usted y su tía se odiaban el uno al otro.
You and your aunt hated each other.
Quizá me odiaban, pero era una de ellos.
They might've hated me, but I was one of them.
Los gobernantes de Arabia Saudita odiaban a Gadafi.
The rulers of Saudi Arabia hated Gaddafi.
Ellos se odiaban mutuamente, por lo que podía ver.
They hated each other, as far as I could see.
Aparentemente, ellos odiaban a Pablo e intentaban lastimarlo.
Apparently they hated Paul and were attempting to harm him.
Mis padres se odiaban y me culpaban a mí.
My parents hated each other and blamed me.
¿Creéis que los astronautas fueron a la luna porque odiaban el oxígeno?
You think astronauts go to the moon because they hate oxygen?
Pero dijiste que conociste a sus padres y que te odiaban.
But you said you met her parents and that they hated you.
Ella además tenía dos hermanastras que le odiaban.
She also had two stepsisters who hated her.
Así que resulta que nos odiaban a los dos.
So it turns out they hated both of us.
En la Edad Media, odiaban a los judíos por su religión.
In the Middle Ages, Jews were hated because of their religion.
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