Possible Results:
Preteriteél/ella/ustedconjugation ofobsesionar.
-I obsess
Presentyoconjugation ofobsesionar.


Luego se obsesionó con el miedo a perder almas.
Then he became obsessed with the fear of losing souls.
Y luego se obsesionó con proteger a su familia.
And then he got obsessed with protecting his family.
Tiene que entender, se obsesionó con el tema.
You have to understand, she became obsessed with the topic.
Rose volvió conmigo, pero él se obsesionó con ella.
Rose moved back in, but he became obsessed with her.
Después de ver su provocativo cuerpo, él se obsesionó con ella.
After seeing her provocative body, he became obsessed with her.
Él se obsesionó en la codicia y robaba del dinero.
He became obsessed with greed, and stole from the treasury.
Él la cortó de inmediato, pero ella se obsesionó con él.
He cut it off immediately, but she became obsessed with him.
Estábamos bien hasta que él se obsesionó con Ud.
We were fine until he became obsessed with you.
Él se obsesionó con animales cuando era pequeño.
He was obsessed with animals when he was little.
David se obsesionó con un montón de espiritualidad.
Um, and David became obsessed with a lot of spirituality.
Pero luego se obsesionó con hacer dinero.
But then he became obsessed with making money.
Pero era tan obsesivo y se obsesionó conmigo.
But he was so obsessive. And he became obsessed with me.
Nunca atrapó a Alfie, así que ahora se obsesionó contigo, Jack.
He never got Alfie, so now he's obsessed with you, Jack.
Ahí fue donde se obsesionó con el Rey.
That's where he became obsessed with the King.
Hubo un momento en que me obsesionó estar a cargo.
There was a time I was obsessed with being in charge.
Tu padre se obsesionó con este caso, ¿no es así?
Your dad really went at this one hard, didn't he?
¿Qué me obsesionó el querer ser un escritor?
What possessed me to want to be a writer anyway?
Siempre nos obsesionó facilitar el trabajo de las personas.
We've always been obsessed with making work better for people.
Que es probablemente por lo que ella se obsesionó con nosotros.
Which is probably why she's fixated on us.
Más tarde, Reed se obsesionó con las orquídeas y amasó una colección de 300.
Later, Reed became infatuated with orchids, and amassed a collection of 300.
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