Este mensaje ha de ser oído, creído y obedecido.
This message is to be heard, believed and obeyed.
Si hubieras obedecido a tu enfermera, no estarías aquí.
If you had obeyed your nurse, you wouldn't be here now.
Aquel mandato debía ser obedecido, y él no se atrevió a retardarse.
That command must be obeyed, and he dared not delay.
Las instrucciones del personal de seguridad debe ser obedecido en todo momento.
The instructions of the security staff must be obeyed at all times.
He obedecido y honrado a las mujeres toda mi vida.
I obeyed women, honored women all my life.
Si me hubieras obedecido, las cosas serían mucho mejores para ti.
If you had obeyed me, things would be so much better for you.
¿Soy tan mal padre que no puedo ser obedecido?
Am I that bad a father that I can't be obeyed?
No he obedecido a nadie en mi vida.
I've never obeyed anyone in my life.
He dado una orden y quiero ser obedecido.
I gave you an order and I want to be obeyed.
¿Hubiera sido salvo si no hubiera obedecido?
Would he have been saved if he had not obeyed?
He obedecido cada una de tus instrucciones.
I obeyed every one of your instructions.
¿Por qué no has obedecido a ese policía?
Why you didn't listen to that cop?
Si hubiera sido al azar, habría obedecido.
If it would've been a random thing, I would've complied.
Siempre te he obedecido, y he trabajado para ti, y muy duro.
I've always obeyed you, and worked for you, and very hard.
Debe ser obedecido en todo momento.
He must be obeyed at all times.
Lo he obedecido, padre, y tengo un pequeño pedido.
I've done your bidding, Father, and I have a small request.
Entonces el mandato es bastante fuerte, claro, y no está siendo obedecido.
So the mandate is quite strong, quite clear, and it's not being followed.
Cuando doy una orden, espero ser obedecido.
When I give an order, I expect it to be obeyed.
¿Por qué no has obedecido mis órdenes?
Why haven't you obeyed my commands?
Nunca le has obedecido, ¿qué bondad mereces de su mano?
You have never obeyed him, what good then do you deserve at his hand?
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