-he/she will obey
The word obedecerá is the future form of obedecer in the third person singular.
See the full obedecer conjugation


Parece una prueba para ver si obedecerá las órdenes.
Looks like a try-out to see if you'll obey orders.
He decidido que será mi yerno y me obedecerá.
I've decided he'll be my son-in-law and he'll obey me.
Ha dicho que obedecerá a Vuestra Majestad en todo.
She said that she'll obey Your Majesty in everything.
Si la gente es inteligente, escuchará y obedecerá.
If the people are wise, they will listen and heed.
Tal vez sea así, pero obedecerá mis órdenes.
Yes, that may be, but you will obey my orders.
Recuerde, me obedecerá al pie de la letra.
Remember. You will obey my instructions to the letter.
No obedecerá a la razón, a la piedad ni al sufrimiento.
It will not bend to reason or pity or suffering.
La obedecerá, como obedeció la orden de terminar la guerra.
You will obey it, as you did our order to end the war.
Tu gente obedecerá, igual que tú.
Your people will obey, just as you will.
Creo que, si usted le da órdenes, las obedecerá.
I believe if you were to give him orders, he'd obey them.
Yo sé que usted me obedecerá.
I know that you will obey me.
Yo soy el Amo y usted me obedecerá!
I am the Master and you will obey me!
Voy a dar una orden a su mente que más tarde usted obedecerá.
I'm going to leave an order in your mind that you'll obey later.
Voy a dar una orden a su mente que más tarde usted obedecerá.
I'm going to leave an order in your mind you will obey later.
En todo caso, me obedecerá.
In any case, he'll obey me.
No es mecánico y aún así... si usted le habla, le obedecerá.
It's not mechanical and yet, if you speak to it, it will obey you.
Mientras usted esté en esta división, bajo mi mando obedecerá mis órdenes.
As long as you're in this company, under my command, you will obey my orders.
Todavía estoy al mando aquí... y, guste o no, usted obedecerá las órdenes.
I am still in command here and, like it or not, you will obey orders.
Es su comandante, le obedecerá.
You're his commander, he'll listen to you.
Pero usted no obedecerá, ¿verdad?
But you won't accept, will you?
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