Cenaremos y nos relajaremos, y no diré ni una palabra.
We'll just have a nice dinner and relax and I won't say another word.
Y nos relajaremos en cualquier sitio.
And we'd have been relaxing somewhere.
Vamos, nos relajaremos, tomaremos un par de cervezas,? eh?
Come on, we'll kick back, have a couple of beers, huh?
Veremos Netflix y nos relajaremos juntos.
We'll Netflix and chill together.
Los dos nos relajaremos, ¿sí?
Yeah. And we'll just relax, yeah?
Vamos a mi casa, me das el dinero, nos relajaremos, fumamos algo.
Well, I'll just drive over to my place. You have the money, you'll give it to me.
Tras la cena nos relajaremos con los sonidos espectaculares de la selva de noche y veremos luciernagas volando a nuestro entorno.
After dinner relax with the spectacular sounds of the jungle and see the fireflies fly around.
Vamos a entrar en esta tienda, cogeremos unas cuantas provisiones y nos relajaremos hasta que lleguemos a México, vamos a ser discretos.
We are going to go walk into this store, pick up some provisions, and chill out until we get to Mexico, low profile.
Empezamos a ascender hacia el Parque Nacional donde pronto nos relajaremos y disfrutaremos una taza del auténtico café de Costa Rica, acompañado por un delicioso desayuno tropical.
We now begin our assent to the National Park, where we will soon relax and enjoy an authentic cup of the best Costa Rican coffee, accompanied by a delicious tropical breakfast.
Nos relajaremos en la cena.
Let the same things talked at the dinner party.
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