Lo prometo, no nos olvidaremos de ella.
I promise, we won't forget about her.
No nos olvidaremos de este [viaje].
We won't forget this [trip].
Nunca nos olvidaremos de este momento.
We won't ever forget this moment.
No nos olvidaremos este día.
We'll not forget this day.
Nunca nos olvidaremos de esto.
We'll never forget about this.
No nos olvidaremos de la oposición.
We mustn't forget the opposition.
Jamás nos olvidaremos de vos.
We will never forget about you.
Bueno, de momento nos olvidaremos de ello.
I just walked out. Well, we'll forget about it for now.
Que nunca nos olvidaremos .
We'll never forget you.
No nos olvidaremos de usted.
We wont forget you.
No nos olvidaremos nunca de eso.
Yeah. We'll never live it down.
Nunca nos olvidaremos de Vd.
We will never forget you
Pero incluso en estos casos, no simplemente estableceremos un límite de nuestra perseverancia y nos olvidaremos si van por encima de ese límite.
But even in these cases, we will not just set a limit of our endurance and forsake them if they go over that limit.
Nos olvidaremos de eso por esta noche.
Well, we'll forget about that for tonight.
Nos olvidaremos de todo esto, ¿de acuerdo?
Well, we'll just forget about this whole thing, OK?
Si me das un trabajo, nos olvidaremos del dinero.
If you give me a job, we'll forget about the money.
Si me das un trabajo, nos olvidaremos del dinero.
You get me a job, we'll forget about the money.
Nos distanciaremos y con el tiempo, nos olvidaremos de todo.
Let's keep some distance and with time, we'll forget this.
Y nos olvidaremos de hoy, y lo consideraremos una experiencia.
And we'll forget all about today, chalk it up to experience.
Por favor, démelo, y nos olvidaremos de todo esto.
Please, give it to me, and we'll forget all about it.
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