También nos aburrimos de estar en cama todo el día.
Got bored of lying in bed all day as well.
Y no nos aburrimos. ¿Y sabe por qué?
But we're not bored, and do you know why?
O, lo que es más importante, ¿qué nos sucede si nunca nos aburrimos?
Or, more importantly: What happens to us if we never get bored?
Nunca nos aburrimos aquí en Caza de Sangre.
Never a dull moment here on "Blood Drive."
Bueno, en este trabajo nunca nos aburrimos.
Well, this job is never boring.
Si nos aburrimos, se pinta.
If we get tired of it, we can paint it.
Todos nos esforzamos, pero, para serte sincero, todos nos aburrimos.
We all make an effort, but, to be honest, we all get bored shitless.
No nos aburrimos. Ambos nos sentimos cómodos.
We're not bored, but we feel comfortable with one another.
Nos volvimos inestables y nos aburrimos de la presión de sostener tan fuerte la cuerda del arco hacia atrás.
We have become shaky and weary with the pressure of holding the bow string back so tightly.
La gente moderna, todos nosotros, nos aburrimos, particularmente los jóvenes.
The modern people, all of us, we feel bored, particularly youngsters.
Si nos aburrimos nos vamos a la playa
If we get bored, we'll go to the beach
¿Qué nos pasa realmente cuando nos aburrimos?
What actually happens to us when we get bored?
Pero al final todos nos aburrimos mucho.
But in the end we're all really bored.
Si nos aburrimos, volvemos al trabajo.
We get bored, we'll just go back to work.
La verdad, nos aburrimos bastante allí.
The truth is we were bored stiff there.
Podemos leerlo en voz alta si nos aburrimos.
Hey, we can read it to each other if we get bored.
Vamos al cine. Si nos aburrimos nos vamos a la playa.
Let's go to the movies, if we get bored we can go for a swim.
Si nos aburrimos, nos vamos.
If we're bored, we'll go elsewhere.
Bueno, al menos no nos aburrimos.
Well, it sure ain't your average dull life.
Nunca nos aburrimos, ¿eh?
Never a dull moment, eh?
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