Possible Results:
no veas
-don't watch
See the entry forno veas.
no veas
-don't see
Negative imperativeconjugation ofver.
no veas
-don't see
Negative imperativevosconjugation ofver.

no veas

Pero entonces tal vez no veas bien los ojos.
But then maybe you won't see her eyes as well.
Vaya, no veas si tenemos una definición diferente de esa palabra.
Wow, do we ever have a different definition of that word.
Mejor no veas a tu hermano así.
No need to see your brother like that.
Es mejor que no veas a este tipo.
You don't want to see this guy.
Se supone que no veas eso.
You're not supposed to be looking at that.
Se supone que no veas esto.
You were not meant to see this.
Intentaré que no veas mi decepción.
I'll try not to let you see my disappointment. Too late.
Vito, es comprensible... que tal vez no veas con claridad estando tan cerca del suelo.
You may not be able to see clearly there, Vito.
Apagaré la luz para que no veas mi rostro.
Turn out the lights so you don't see my face.
Sí, ¿es posible que no veas a los pacientes como personas?
Yeah, is it possible that you don't see patients as people?
Cuando hables con él, no veas a tu amiga.
When you speak to her, do not see your friend.
Sí, pero no veas al Ancestro como torre de transmisión...
Yes, but don't think of the Ancestor as a broadcast tower...
Créeme, es mejor que no veas lo que yo vi.
Believe me, you don't want to see what I saw.
Pues, no vas, y no veas a tu novio.
Well, do not go, and do not see your boyfriend.
Oh, papá, por favor no veas mala intención en esto.
Oh, dad, please don't read too much into this.
Por favor, no veas esto como una carrera.
Please do not see this as a career.
Oh, no veas esto como una cita, Maya.
Oh, don't think of it as a date, Maya.
Y tú, no veas más a su hermana.
And you, don't go to his sister anymore.
Por favor no lo hagas, no veas tu correo.
Please don't do that, don't check your email.
Sí, probablemente no veas mucho la tele, ¿verdad?
Yeah, you probably don't watch much TV, do you?
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