no se ve nada

Prácticamente no se ve nada.
You can see virtually nothing at all.
Si te aproximas a Lalibela incluso no se ve nada.
If you approach to Lalibela you don't even see anything.
La niebla es tan espesa que no se ve nada.
The fog is so thick you can't see your hand.
Sí, pero si miras de día, no se ve nada.
Yeah, but if you look at daytime, you can't see anything.
Mara, trae una lámpara, que no se ve nada.
Mara, bring a lamp, which is not seen nothing.
Hay mucha niebla, no se ve nada.
There is a lot of fog, can not see anything.
Y a decir verdad, no se ve nada fácil.
And to tell you the truth, it's not easy.
De pronto no se oye nada, no se ve nada.
Pretty soon you don't hear anything, you don't see anything.
Hasta que no se ve nada de la pintura que está abajo.
Until you can see nothing of the painting below.
Desde el suelo, no se ve nada.
From the ground, they don't look like anything.
Creo que no se ve nada mal aquí.
I think I don't see anything wrong here.
Y no se ve nada de sangre. Bien.
And you can't see any of the blood. Okay, good.
Pero los seres humanos no se ve nada en la oscuridad, ¿verdad?
But Humans can't see in the dark, can they?
Y no se ve nada de sangre.
And you can't see any of the blood.
Desde aquí no se ve nada de la planta.
You don't see anything of this plant.
Lo peor es que no se ve nada.
The worst is, we can't see anything.
En las minas no se ve nada así.
Do not see things like that in the mines.
Con toda franqueza, no se ve nada bien.
In all frankness, it doesn't look good.
Eso no se ve nada de bien para Lawrence.
That doesn't look good for Lawrence.
Voy a correr las cortinas no se ve nada aquí.
Let me open the curtains. You can't see anything.
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