¿Que no arruinen qué?
Don't mess what up?
Hay galletas suficientes para todos, pero no arruinen su desayuno.
There's plenty of cookies for everybody, but don't spoil your dinner.
Quiero vivir una vida normal. Por favor, no arruinen mi futuro.
I want to live a normal life, please don't ruin my future.
Solo siéntense y no arruinen la ciudad.
Just sit there and don't ruin the city.
Quiero ser un artista de rap. Por favor, no arruinen mi futuro.
I want to be a rap artist, please don't ruin my future.
Espero que no arruinen tu fin de semana.
I hope they don't spoil your weekend.
Por favor, no arruinen mi futuro.
Please don't ruin my future.
Este es un día de festejo no arruinen su ceremonia ni defrauden a sus padres.
This is supposed to be a day of celebration. Don't spoil your enrollment ceremony. And disappoint your parents.
En mi opinión, es importante que las normas comunes no arruinen a las sociedades pequeñas.
One of the most important things, for me, personally, is that the common regulations should not cause smaller companies to go under.
No arruinen su infancia por mi culpa.
Just don't ruin his childhood because of me.
No arruinen mis lentes, ¿De acuerdo?
Just don't bust my sunglasses, okay?
No arruinen su almuerzo.
Don't spoil your lunch.
No arruinen las pruebas.
Don't mess up evidence.
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