Dile a Paul que no arruine lo que hay entre ustedes.
You have to tell Paul not to ruin what you have together.
Que esto no arruine la fiesta.
Don't let this break the party up.
Yo no arruiné esto.
I didn't mess this up.
Realmente espero que no arruine la reputación de Patina.
I really hope we don't ruin the reputation of Patina.
Eso es, mientras Rodrick no arruine las cosas.
That is, as long as Rodrick doesn't ruin things.
Lo principal es que no arruine tu apetito.
The main thing is that it doesn't diminish your appetite.
Por favor, no arruine esto para mí, Kirk.
Please don't ruin this for me, Kirk.
Solo espero que no arruine la manicura que nos hicimos hoy.
I just hope she didn't ruin that manicure we got today.
Si no tiene planes esta noche, no arruine nuestra inofensiva diversión.
Just because you have no plans, don't spoil our harmless fun.
Espero que esto no arruine nuestra amistad.
I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship.
Espero que no arruine demasiado tu edición especial.
I hope it doesn't goof up your special edition too much.
Espero que eso no arruine tu vida.
I hope it doesn't ruin your life.
Espero que esto no arruine tu disfraz.
Oh, I hope that doesn't ruin your costume.
Gina, hay una forma de hacer esto que no arruine tu carrera.
Gina, there's a way that we can do this that isn't gonna ruin your career.
Espero que no arruine las cosas.
Well, I hope she doesn't spoil things.
¿Esperar a que él llame y luego cruzar los dedos para que la esposa no arruine todo, diciendo algo que no debía?
You wait for him to call and then cross your fingers that the wife doesn't sink this whole mess by saying something she shouldn't?
Por eso pido a Francia, al Reino Unido, a Alemania, a Suecia y a los Países Bajos que cedan un poco y lleguen a un verdadero acuerdo que permita un futuro mejor para todos nosotros y no arruine la imagen de Europa.
I therefore appeal to France, to the United Kingdom, to Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, to give a little bit of ground and come to a real agreement that makes for a better future for us all and does not ruin Europe’s image.
No arruine mi vida.
Don't ruin my life.
No arruine las cosas ahora.
Don't try to ruin things now.
No arruine tu boda, ¿verdad?
I didn't ruin your wedding day, did I?
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