-you were born
The word naciste is the preterite form of nacer in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Es en lo que hemos estado trabajando desde que naciste.
It's what we've been working for since you were born.
Pero tú naciste aquí. Eso es todo lo que necesitas.
But you were born here, that's all that you need.
Y lo dijo desde el mismo día en que naciste.
And he said it from the day you were born.
Pero han sido así desde el día en que naciste.
But they have been such since the day you were born.
Has sido un problema desde el día en que naciste.
You have been trouble since the day you were born.
Es cierto que naciste durante un eclipse de sol, Adrian.
It's true that you were born during a solar eclipse, Adrian.
Cuando naciste, yo estaba en un mal matrimonio.
When you were born, I was in a bad marriage.
El periódico dijo que naciste los Estados Unidos.
The paper said that you were born the United States.
Cuando naciste, fue el día más feliz de mi vida.
When you were born it was the happiest day of my life.
Tu peso ha sido importante desde el momento en que naciste.
Your weight has been important since the moment you were born.
Recuerda, tu salvaste al mundo el día que naciste.
Remember, you saved the world the day you were born.
Y estuvieron siempre ahí, desde el día en que naciste.
And they've always been there, since the day you were born.
Tu padre me dio esto el día que naciste.
Your dad gave me this on the day you were born.
Ella estaba en la sala de partos donde naciste.
She was in the delivery room when you were born.
Ahora me dices que no naciste en esa vida.
Now you tell me you weren't born to that life.
No puedes arreglar el hecho de que no naciste primero.
You can't fix the fact that you weren't born first.
Estás tan limpio como el día que naciste.
You are as clean as the day you were born.
Fuiste llamada Grace, desde el día en que naciste.
You were called Grace, from the day you were born.
Es un lugar donde naciste, planteadas, y educada.
It's a place where you were born, raised, and educated.
¿Cuál fue su expresión como cuando tú naciste?
What was her expression like when you were born?
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