-you change
The word mudes is the present subjunctive form of mudar in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full mudar conjugation


Mamá, quiero que mudes aquí con nosotros.
Mom, I want you to move in here with us.
No quiero que te mudes a la nave conmigo.
I don't want you to move onto the ship with me.
He decidido que no voy a dejar que te mudes.
I've decided that I'm not gonna let you move away.
Tiene mucho sentido que te mudes, sin duda.
Makes a lot of sense for you to move, definitely.
Mamá, quiero que mudes aquí con nosotros.
Mom, I want you to move in here with us.
Quizá cuando te mudes oficialmente, podríamos volver a tratar el asunto.
Perhaps when you officially move in, we could revisit the matter.
No quiero que te mudes al otro lado del mundo.
I don't want you moving halfway around the world.
, no fue fácil convencerte de que te mudes conmigo.
It wasn't easy to get you to move in with me.
Creo que va a pedirte que te mudes con él.
I think he's going to ask you to move in with him.
Cuando te mudes aquí, lo tendrás todo.
When you move in here, you'll have it all.
Eric, Eric, No puedo creer que realmente te mudes.
Eric, Eric, I can't believe you're really going to move out.
En fin, cuando te mudes a la oficina de Daniel
By the way, when you move into Daniel's office,
Dormiré mucho mejor cuando te mudes aquí el mes que viene.
I'll sleep so much better when you move back here next month.
Mi padre me dijo: "No te mudes a Northridge."
You know, my dad told me, "Don't move to Northridge."
¿Quieren que te mudes a Nueva York?
They want you to move to New York?
Tal vez es hora de que te mudes a pastos más verdes.
So, maybe it's time you moved on to greener pastures.
Mira, cuanto antes te mudes de aquí, mejor.
Look, the sooner we move you out of here, the better.
¡Creo que es hora de que te mudes, entonces!
I think it's time you moved out, then!
No te mudes aquí para hacer eso.
Don't move back here to do that.
Quiero que te mudes por un tiempo.
I want you to move, for a time.
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