mucha gente

Puede tener una buena charla con mucha gente en línea.
You can have a good chat with many online people.
Hay muchas narrativas y mucha gente entusiasta en Europa.
There are many narratives and many enthusiastic people in Europe.
Hay mucha gente buena en el mundo, incluyéndome a mí.
There are lots of good people in the world, including me.
Es un rato triste para mucha gente joven también.
It is a sad time for many young people too.
Y hay mucha gente aquí que tiene muchas historias.
And there are people here that have many stories.
Recuerda, hay mucha gente inocente en el club.
Remember, there's a lot of innocent people at the club.
Es un país enorme, con mucha gente y temas diferentes.
It is a vast nation, with many different people and issues.
Escucha, hay mucha gente rara en el mundo.
Listen, there's a lot of odd people in the world.
Ciertamente hay mucha gente inmoral, impía en nuestra nación.
There are certainly many immoral, ungodly people in our nation.
Acordaos de que hay mucha gente inocente en el club.
Remember, there's a lot of innocent people at the club.
Hay mucha gente celosa en el mundo del teatro.
There's a lot of jealous people in the theater world.
SCP-3150-2: Este desierto ha sido muchas cosas para mucha gente.
SCP-3150-2: This desert has been many things to many people.
También, mucha gente hojea estos sitios para encontrar algo nuevo.2.
Also, many people browse these sites to find something new.2.
Este gobierno y mucha gente confunde socialismo con políticas sociales.
This government and many people confuse socialism with social policies.
Para tu información, mucha gente cree que Bobby es gracioso.
For your information, a lot of people think Bobby's funny.
En este mundo material mucha gente disfruta tener un hermano.
In this material world many people enjoy having a brother.
Por suerte (o desafortunadamente), mucha gente parece pensar lo mismo.
Fortunately (or unfortunately), many people seem to think the same.
Y has hecho daño a mucha gente en el proceso.
And you've hurt a lot of people in the process.
Esto es lo que mucha gente cree, pero se equivocan.
This is what many people believe, but they are mistaken.
Aerophobia es un phobia común que tiene mucha gente asustada.
Aerophobia is a common phobia that has many people scared.
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