Possible Results:
-you would die
Conditionalconjugation ofmorir.
-you would die
Conditionalvosconjugation ofmorir.


Tiene que haber algunas cosas que morirías por preguntarle.
There's gotta be a few things you're dying to ask her.
Te morirías de hambre sin mí.
You would have starved without me.
No te morirías si pides ayuda en vez de esperarla...
It wouldn't break your face to ask for help instead of expecting it.
Obviamente, o tú te morirías de hambre.
Obviously, or you'd starve.
Obviamente, o te morirías de hambre.
Obviously, or you'd starve.
Si fueses como yo, te morirías por alejarte de tu familia una semana.
If you're like me, you were dying to get away from your family for a week.
Te morirías de aburrimiento.
Oh, you would be bored to tears.
Sigue con tu vida cómoda porque en la jungla te morirías.
Stick to your cozy life... Because take it from me, you would never make it in the wild.
Saben que esta fiesta es para,...ponerse algo en lo que nunca morirías.
Realized that this is the visual with which they would never want be seen at a party, right?
Crees realmente que te morirías de hambre a menos que tengas fajos de tiras de papel moneda y montones de discos de metal.
You really think that you would starve unless you have stacks of green paper strips and piles of metal discs.
Morirías porque le causara buena impresión, ¿no?
You're sure dying for me to make a good impression on her, aren't you?
Morirías para ser como él. Veamos... si te puedo ayudar.
Since you're dying to be like him let's see if I can help you out!
Te morirías de las ganas de hablar conmigo.
Why, you'd be just palpitating to talk to me.
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