Me asustaba y me relajaba al mismo tiempo.
He scared me and relaxed me at the same time.
Pero nunca me relajaba.
But you never get a chance to relax.
Es que hace mucho no me relajaba tanto, Como ahora...
It's just that it's been a long time that I let myself relax, like now...
Volvía a un apartamento tranquilo y me relajaba sin tener que lidiar con nadie.
I'd come back to a quiet apartment and unwind without having to deal with anybody.
Es lo único que me relajaba cuando él me hacía esas cosas.
That's the only thing what would ease my mind, we he was doing that stuff to me.
La música siempre me pasa por la cabeza. O sea que, cuanto más tocaba, menos me relajaba.
You see, music always goes through my head, which means the more I played, the less I could relax.
Y me di cuenta de que no solo me aliviaba el dolor, sino que me ayudaba con la ansiedad y me relajaba.
What I realized is that it worked not only for my pain but for me, for my anxiety, and it mellowed me out.
El gluglú del agua que salía de la fuente me relajaba y me ayudaba a dormir.
The gurgling of the water coming out of the fountain relaxed me and helped me sleep.
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