Me pegare a esto si quieres.
I'll hang onto it if you want.
Me pegaré a ti hasta que me eches.
I will stick to you until you throw me.
Me pegaré a él. No se preocupe, mi capitán.
I'll stick on him, don't you worry, Captain.
Me pegaré un festín, y el único invitado seré yo.
I'm going to have a party, and no one's invited but me.
Me pegaré hasta el final por razones ambiente precisas.
I will beat myself completely for precise environmental reasons.
Ah, creo que me pegaré a ti.
Ah, I think I'm starting to rub off on you.
La próxima vez me pegaré la máscara.
Next time I'll have to glue my mask on.
Me pegaré yo mismo con ella.
I'll hit myself with it.
Creo que me pegaré a ti.
I think I'll probably stick with you.
Me pegaré el fin de semana cuidándolo.
I'm going to stress out all weekend.
Me pegaré al objetivo.
I'll go stick by the target.
Me pegaré a ti, como pegamento. Está bien, hazme un favor.
I'm sticking to you close, like glue.
Me pegaré a la barrera.
I'll stay close to the rail.
Me pegaré a ti.
I'm gonna hang on to you.
Me pegaré a ti.
I'll hang with you.
En este caso, sugiero que te quedes pegado a tu máquina y yo me pegaré a mi paleta.
In that case, i suggest that you stick to your typewriter, and i'll stick to my palette.
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