Bueno, sabes, nunca me considere a mi mismo como un atleta, pero, ahora que lo mencionas, es muy preciso.
Well, you know, I've never referred to myself as an athlete, but, now that you mention it, it's pretty accurate.
Nunca me consideré una persona valiente.
I've never really considered myself to be a brave person.
Es porque nunca me consideré casada con Lucas.
That's because I don't think of myself as married to Luke anymore.
No estoy seguro de que Ben me considere su amigo, ¿verdad?
I'm not sure Ben considers me a friend, does he?
No estoy seguro de que me considere un amigo ahora.
I'm not sure he'd consider me much of a friend right now.
Quisiera que me considere para el caso Mandela.
I'd like you to consider me for the Mandela detail.
Quisiera que me considere para el caso Mandela.
I'd like you to consider me for the Mandela Detail.
Estoy resignado a que me considere un tirano durante unos meses.
I'm resigned to her thinking me a tyrant for a few months.
Ahora nadie lograría que el mundo me considere un mártir.
No one can make the world see me as a martyr now.
Me gustan los hombres... pero no necesito uno para que me considere.
I like men... but I don't need one to define me.
No quiero que nadie me considere tierna.
I don't want anyone to think of me as sweet.
Me siento muy halagada de que me considere una de las suyas.
But... I'm very flattered that you consider me one of yours.
No me considere un mal hombre.
Don't take me for a bad man.
No quiero que me considere un suegro metido.
I don't want him thinking of me as a meddling old father-in-law.
Qué bueno que alguien aún me considere rey.
It's nice to know someone still thinks I'm King.
Por favor no me considere atrevido.
Now, please don't think me forward.
Estoy encantada de que me considere algo real.
Well, I'm glad you think I'm a real thing.
Espero que me considere.
I hope you'll consider me.
No me considere una mujer despreciable.
Don't think I'm a bad woman.
Necesitaré un jurado que vea más allá del odio y me considere inocente.
I'll be needing a jury to look beyond the hatred and see that I'm innocent.
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