Possible Results:
-you killed
Imperfect subjunctiveconjugation ofmatar.
-you killed
Imperfect subjunctivevosconjugation ofmatar.
-you will kill
Futureconjugation ofmatar.


¿Y qué pasó luego de que lo mataras?
So what happened after you stabbed him?
¿Crees que dejaría que mataras a mi nieto?
You think I'm gonna let you ice my grandbaby?
Y será igual que si lo mataras tú.
And it'll be just like you did it.
¿Qué te vio haciendo para que lo mataras así?
What did he see you doing caused you to punch his ticket like that?
Y se suponía que tú la mataras.
You were to put a bullet in her head.
Y si te echas atrás en el trato, es como si tú mismo le mataras.
And if you go back on the deal, you're as good as putting him in the ground yourself.
¿... Que me mataras?
Get rid of me?
Bueno, no era parte de nuestro plan que te graduaras como agente, y ciertamente nunca fue parte de mi plan que mataras a alguien.
Well, it wasn't part of our plan for you to graduate to agent, and it certainly was never my plan for you to take a life.
Ni hablar, si te doy el rifle, me matarás.
No way. I give you back the rifle, you frag me.
¿Crees que me matarás así de fácil?
You think you're going to get me that easily?
Pero si no lo hago, volverás mañana y me matarás tú.
But if I don't do you, you'll come back tomorrow and do me.
Creo que me matarás si no te quitas de encima.
I fear you will take my life if you do not get off me.
¿Me matarás para evitar que lo haga?
You're going to do it to keep me from doing it?
¿Cómo matarás a 4 personas, 5 contando a Radek?
Well, how are you going to get rid of four people?
Frank, no lo matarás.
Frank, you're not gonna give it to him.
No me matarás, ¿verdad?
You ain't gonna slug me, are you?
No te ahorcarán porque... lo matarás y yo te ayudaré.
They're not gonna hang you because... you're gonna do it and I'm gonna help you.
¿O me matarás tú mismo?
Or will you do it yourself?
No me matarás, ¿verdad?
Ah, please, you ain't gonna slug me, are ya?
Nos matarás a todos.
You'll outlive us all.
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