-we will kill
The word matáremos is the future subjunctive form of matar in the first person plural.
See the full matar conjugation


Si no nos das lo que queremos, los mataremos.
If we don't get what we want, they'll get hurt.
Nunca la mataremos antes de que nos traicione
We'll never get to her before she sells us out.
¡Te seguiremos hasta el fin del mundo y te mataremos!
We shall follow you to the ends of the earth and slay you!
Al final, los mataremos a todos.
In the end, we'll slay them all.
No, pero si vienen, los mataremos.
No, but if they come we'll do'em.
Mataremos a Juan y a nadie más.
We take out Juan and no one else.
No, los mataremos a todos juntos.
No, we get 'em all together.
Entonces, los mataremos uno por uno.
Then we'll knock 'em off one by one
Luego lo esperaremos y lo mataremos cuando regrese de cenar.
And then we'll wait for him, and we'll do him when he gets back from dinner.
Lo mataremos cuando salga.
We'll pop him when he gets out.
Lo mataremos cuando salga.
We'll get him when he comes out.
Si hay oportunidad, lo mataremos.
Any chance to end this, we take him out.
Si hay oportunidad, lo mataremos.
We see a chance to end this, we take him out.
¡Te mataremos si vuelves de nuevo por aquí!
We'll killyou if you come here again.
Si hablas, te mataremos, ¿sabes?
You talk, we cut your face, hear?
Ya sea el primer día de guerra o el último día de guerra, ¡los mataremos!
First day of the war, last day of the war, we destroy them!
Les mataremos a todos.
We're gonna do 'em all.
Sí, tarde o temprano, lo mataremos.
Yeah we will sooner or later. We will!
no lo mataremos. Hay otra posibilidad.
There could be another possibility.
No los mataremos a todos ustedes, ni ustedes a nosotros.
We won't get all of you, or you us.
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