The word intereso is the present form of interesar in the first person singular.
See the full interesar conjugation


No me intereso por lo que has hecho hasta ahora.
I don't care about what you've done up to now.
Bueno, digamos que me intereso por la familia.
Well, let's say I take an interest in the family.
Y sí me intereso en Lily, pero no de esa manera.
And I do care for Lily, but not like that.
Te quejas porque no me intereso por tu trabajo.
You complain I take no interest in your work.
Y además, ¿por qué te intereso tanto de repente?
Anyway, why are you so suddenly interested in me?
A Rowan no le intereso, y ya no lo quiero.
Rowan's not interested in me, and I don't want him anymore anyway.
Yo solo me intereso si hay algún problema.
I only get involved if there's a problem.
Dices que nunca me intereso en ti.
You say I never take an interest in you.
Me intereso uno de los personajes.
I got interested in one of the characters.
A Rowan no le intereso, y ya no lo quiero.
Rowan's not even interested in me, and I don't want him anymore anyway.
Sí que me intereso por otras personas.
I do so take an interest in other people.
Si aún te intereso, por favor.
If you still care about me, please.
Escucha, ¿solo me intereso en mí mismo?
Hey, listen, um, am I only interested in myself?
He venido porque me intereso por usted.
I came... because of my interest in you.
Me intereso por mis alumnos.
I like to take an interest in my students.
Si realmente te intereso necesitas darte tiempo para entenderme.
If you really care about me, you need to take the time to understand me.
Se dice "me preocupo por usted", "me intereso por usted"...
You say "I worry about you", "I take an interest in you"...
No sé si les intereso.
I don't know if they'd want me.
No me intereso en esos asuntos.
I've no interest in such matters.
Sucede que me intereso por estos temas desde hace mucho tiempo.
I happen to have taken an interest in these issues for a very long time.
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