The word interesas is the present form of interesar in the second person singular.
See the full interesar conjugation


Por primera vez en dos años, me interesas.
For the first time in two years, you intrigue me.
Creo que tú de verdad te interesas por mi hija.
I believe that you truly do care for my daughter.
No me interesas tú, tu causa o la ley.
I'm not interested in you, your cause, or the law.
Fascinante, si te interesas en esa clase de cosas, ya sabes.
Fascinating, if you're into that sort of thing, you know.
Me interesas tú, Percy Greene, y todo lo que haces.
I'm interested in you, Percy Greene, and everything that you do.
Nos interesas mucho para el papel de Sophia.
We're very interested in you for the role of Sophia.
Nos interesas mucho para el papel de Sophia.
We're very interested in you for the role of Sophia.
A Donna ya no le interesas. Está enamorada de mí.
Donna doesn't care for you, she's in love with me.
¿Por qué crees que les interesas a la gente, Lucie?
Why do you think you interest people, Lucie?
Si le interesas, lo primero que hará es preguntarte.
If he's interested, the first thing he'll do is ask you.
¿Qué, ahora te interesas porque ha sido su idea?
What, now you're interested 'cause it's his idea?
Te interesas por todo lo misterioso, oculto o sin resolver.
You are very fond of everything that is mysterious, hidden or unresolved.
Está bien ver que te interesas por la caridad.
It's nice to see you interested in charity.
Es un poco duro, porque realmente me interesas.
That's a bit harsh, 'cause I really care about you.
Escucha, hijo mío, tú no nos interesas en lo más mínimo.
Listen, my boy, you do not interest us in the slightest.
Oh, lo olvidé. ¿Tú no te interesas por mi trabajo?
Ah, I forgot you're not interested in my work are you?
Sin ánimos de ofender, pero tú no me interesas, Heather.
No offense, but I'm not interested in you, Heather.
Te interesas por las almas de la gente y todo eso.
I mean, being interested in people's souls and all that.
No entiendo por que te interesas tanto de todas estas cosas
I don't understand why you're so interested in these things.
¿Por qué te interesas de repente en mi vida amorosa?
Why the sudden interest in my love life?
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