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Usted sabía que no iba a poner mi historia en.
You knew he wasn't going to put my story in.
La antigua reina nunca iba a aceptar tu propuesta.
The former queen was never going to accept your proposal.
Usted iba a pagar su primer día con la familia.
You would pay your first day with the family.
Lamentablemente, Bobo no iba a ser parte de eso.
Unfortunately, Bobo wasn't going to be a part of that.
Él nunca iba a estar ahí, y lo sabes.
He was never gonna be there, and you know it.
El F.S.B. no nos iba a dejar en ese tren.
The F.S.B. was not gonna let us on that train.
Pero nada nunca iba a suceder entre ustedes dos.
But nothing was ever going to happen between you two.
Me dijiste que esto no iba a ser un problema.
You told me this wasn't gonna be a problem.
Mark dijo que no iba a usar todas las muestras.
Mark said that he wasn't gonna use all the samples.
Este dinero iba a ser un nueva oportunidad para ti.
This money was gonna be a new chance for you.
Eh, Allison dijo que iba a ser cada dos años.
Uh, Allison said it was gonna be every two years.
Su testimonio iba a ser confirmado por señales y prodigios.
Their testimony was to be confirmed by signs and wonders.
Cuando Meyers dijo que él iba a decir la verdad,
When Meyers said that he was gonna tell the truth,
Pero sabías que iba a leer la carta al final.
But you knew he was gonna read the letter eventually.
Bueno, ella dijo que iba a ir con la policía.
Well, she said she was gonna go to the cops.
Esto iba a ser realmente enorme para nuestra fundación.
This was going to be really huge for our foundation.
Mira, sabíamos que esto iba a pasar tarde o temprano.
Look, we knew this was gonna happen sooner or later.
Él iba a dejar dinero para mí en la barbacoa.
He was going to leave money for me in the barbecue.
Dijo que iba a conseguir el dinero para su operación.
Said he was going to get the money for his operation.
En realidad, esa iba a ser mi pregunta para usted.
Actually, that was gonna be my question to you.
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