Preteriteellos/ellas/ustedesconjugation ofhartar.


Finalmente, los hijos se hartaron de la oscuridad.
Eventually, the children had had enough of the darkness.
Mi esposa y mi hija se hartaron y me abandonaron.
My wife and child got fed up and left.
Finalmente se hartaron de mí y me echaron.
Finally they got fed up and threw me out.
Nuestros clientes se hartaron de sus demandas.
Our clients are tired of being sued by you.
Llegó el momento en que los ancianos se hartaron.
Eventually, the elders grew tired of all of this.
Y comieron todos, y se hartaron.
And they did all eat, and were filled.
Me hartaron, así que los eché.
They got on my nerves, so I threw them out.
Y comieron todos, y se hartaron.
And they all ate and were satisfied.
Y comieron todos, y se hartaron.
They all ate, and were filled.
Porque simplemente se hartaron.
Because they just got fed up.
Aún no se hartaron.
They're still not tired of it.
Los Jackson se hartaron.
You Know, The Jacksons Have Had It.
Si, ya se hartaron de mi, ella es mi hermana Hellen, ella Alicia.
Yeah, i'm afraid they have had enough for me here. This is my sister Hellen. Hellen, this is Alicia.
Los niños se hartaron de pastel en la fiesta.
The kids had their fill of cake at the party.
Robert y Mary hartaron su apetito feroz con bistec y bogavante.
Robert and Mary glutted their fierce appetite on steak and lobster.
Ellen miró con asco mientras sus anfitriones se hartaron de embutidos.
Ellen watched in disgust as her hosts glutted themselves with cold meats.
Por fin, algunos de los principales medios se hartaron de ser títeres del programa del gobierno.
Finally, some of the country's mainstream media is done stooging for the government's agenda.
Qué, ¿se hartaron de usted en su mundo?
So, what happened? They get tired of you back home?
Se hartaron de los demás.
Got fed up with the other lot.
Se hartaron de esperar.
They got tired of waiting for you.
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