The word harté is the preterite form of hartar in the first person singular.
See the full hartar conjugation


Primero que nada, me harté de Hélène y su boda.
First of all, I was tired of Hélène and her wedding.
Me harté de viajar con alguien como tú.
I'm fed up of traveling with someone like you.
Es mi primer día, y ya me harté de oír eso.
It's my first day. I'm already tired of hearing it.
Me harté de sentir esto todo el tiempo.
I'm sick of feeling like this all the time.
Me harté de que él no mantuviera su palabra.
I got sick of him not keeping his word.
Me harté y quise cambiar, Así que vine aquí.
I got fed up and wanted a change, so I came here.
Entonces, me harté de ti y de tus planos durante años.
Then I got pretty tired of you and your pianos.
No creo que puedas, me harté de ti.
I don't think you can, I'm fed up with you.
Y, la verdad, ya me harté de ser tu recadero.
Quite frankly, I am just tired of being your boy.
Quizás me harté de ser una bestia.
Maybe I'm tired of being a beast.
Bueno, me harté de los inviernos fríos de Chicago.
Me? Well, I just got tired of the cold winters in Chicago.
Pero también me harté de eso y volví a Francia.
But I got sick of that, too. I came back to France.
¿Y te preguntas por qué me harté de ti?
You wonder why I've had enough of you?
Mira, ya me harté de este lugar.
Look, I've had enough of this place.
Quería hacerlo. Pero me harté de esperar y de pensar.
I wanted to do it, but I got tired of waiting and thinking.
Simplemente me harté de vivir con mi nombre.
I just got sick of trying to outrun my name...
Me harté de esas cosas, quiero hacer algo nuevo.
But I've done all those things; I want to try something new.
Y después me harté de todo.
And later I got fed up with everything.
Ya me harté de andar a escondidas y mentir todo el tiempo.
I am getting so tired of sneaking around and lying all the time.
Me harté de que te aproveches de mi bondad.
I am sick and tired of you presuming on my good nature.
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