Possible Results:
-I was hitting
Imperfectyoconjugation ofgolpear.
Imperfectél/ella/ustedconjugation ofgolpear.


Bueno, su padre lo golpeaba con una rama de árbol.
Well, his father beat him with a tree branch.
¿Eres el guardia de seguridad que golpeaba a la gente?
Are you the security guard that was beating people up?
Se podia escuchar mientras golpeaba el interior de la pared.
You could hear it hitting the inside of the wall.
De pronto sentí que algo me golpeaba todo mi cuerpo.
Suddenly I felt something beat me all over my body.
Él golpeaba su cabeza, gritaba y explotaba con ira frecuentemente.
He would bump his head, shout and burst into anger frequently.
Tuve la visión de que me golpeaba en la cabeza.
I had a vision that it hit me in the head.
Cualquiera que tuviera un problema con él, los golpeaba.
Anyone got a problem with him, he'd just hit them.
Él me golpeaba, y me gustaría no ver su mundo.
He beat me, and I would like not to see his world.
Mi padre no me golpeaba solo cuando yo hacía algo mal.
My father didn't only beat me when I did something wrong.
Había capturado un caracol y lo golpeaba contra la piedra.
It had caught a snail and was knocking it on the stone.
Cuando golpeaba sus narices, sus narices empezaban a sangrar.
When I struck their noses, their noses began to bleed.
Fuera, el ventoso murmullo de las llanuras golpeaba su tienda de campaña.
Outside, the windy murmur of the plains battered her tent.
Decidí que esa era la última vez que me golpeaba.
I decided that was the last time he'd ever hit me.
Yo también golpeaba a pobres ciudadanos, que no pueden defenderse.
I, too, beat these poor citizens, who couldn't defend themselves.
Él golpeaba tu cabeza si estabas en su camino.
He'd punch your head off if you got in the way.
Un gatito gris juguetón golpeaba y perseguía a un ratón de juguete.
A frisky gray kitten batted and chased a toy mouse.
Y se golpeaba la cabeza en la tina.
And she would hit her head on the tub.
Estaban recibiendo todas esas llamadas de testigos cuando Duffy me golpeaba.
They were getting all these calls from witnesses when Duffy was beating me.
El limpiaparabrisas chirriaba y la lluvia golpeaba los cristales.
The windscreen wipers screeched and the rain was pounding.
Pero su padre lo golpeaba cada vez que podía.
But your father beat you every chance he got.
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