Possible Results:
Preteriteyoconjugation ofestorbar.
Subjunctiveyoconjugation ofestorbar.
Subjunctiveél/ella/ustedconjugation ofestorbar.
¿No te estorbé al haber venido?
I'm not in your way Being here, am I?
Porque la próxima vez que nos estorbe, usted será responsable.
Because the next time he makes a nuisance of himself, you'll be responsible.
No permitas que te estorbe, por favor.
Don't ever let me get in the way, please.
Y ahora que sabemos la verdad, no hay nada que nos estorbe.
And now that we know the truth, there is nothing in our way.
ÉI dijo: "Puede acompañarme, pero no me estorbe".
He said, "Come with me, but don't get in my way."
Ponlo a un lado, que no me estorbe.
Put it on the side, so it doesn't get in my way.
El PT ha sido neutralizado efectivamente para que nada estorbe.
The PT has been effectively neutralized to keep anyone from getting in the way.
Ponlo ahí en el estante para que no estorbe.
Put it on the shelf where it will be out of the way.
Y el que me estorbe me encargo de él.
Anyone who gets in my way is taken care of.
Si no crees que estorbe.
If you don't think I'd be in the way.
Al tomar decisiones pararemos cualquier actividad/tecnología que estorbe a la paz social y ecológica.
By making choices we will stop any activity/technology which disturbs social and ecological peace.
Permítame, quitaré esto para que no le estorbe.
Here, let me get this out of your way.
Hazte root y create un directorio donde no estorbe, en $HOME por ejemplo.
Become root and create a directory somewhere out of the way, in $HOME for example.
Entonces, no dejes que te estorbe.
Yes. Then don't let me get in your way.
Solo por hoy, para que no estorbe.
I mean for today, Mark, so he won't be underfoot.
¿Pueden ustedes orar por cinco o incluso por diez horas sin nada que les estorbe?
Can you pray for five or even ten hours without any blockage?
¿Me llevo a Susie para que no te estorbe?
Do you want me to take Susie with me so you won't be disturbed?
Nada más no estorbe, ¿de acuerdo?
Just don't get in the way, alright?
No dejes que te estorbe.
Don't let me get in your way.
Le dijo a Nathan que no me estorbe, que estará bien por si solo.
He told nathan not to bother me, he'd be fine by himself.
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