Y les digo que realmente estamos subiendo una colina.
We are really going up a hill, I'll tell you.
Todos estamos subiendo al tren.
We are all getting on the train.
No estamos subiendo, Julie.
We are not going up, Julie.
Ahora Nuestra Señora me toma de la mano; estamos subiendo.
Now Our Lady is taking my hand; we're going up.
¿Por qué estamos subiendo todo a los autos de los Donahue?
Why are we loading everything into the Donahues' cars?
Ya sé, estamos subiendo en el mundo.
I know, we're moving up in the world.
Lo que estamos subiendo es que voy de acampada con vosotros.
What we're ramping up to is that I'm coming camping with you.
Baker y yo estamos subiendo las escaleras.
Baker and I are moving up the stairs.
O estamos subiendo muy rápido o para nada.
Either we're moving really fast or not at all.
Lo estamos subiendo a la sala azul.
We're taking it up to the blue room.
Si no va usarla, ¿para qué la estamos subiendo?
If she isn't gonna use it, then why are we doing this?
Ya que estamos subiendo las apuestas, ¿por qué no jugamos por $50.000?
As long as we're doing this, why not play for $50,000?
¿Qué es lo que estamos subiendo aquí?
What are we ramping up to here?
Si es el fiscal, dile que estamos subiendo.
Oh, but if that's the D.A., tell him we're on the way up.
No he volado mucho, pero... estamos subiendo, ¿no?
I don't care for the stuff, but... We climbing?
¿Por qué estamos subiendo?
And why are we going up?
Pero nosotros estamos subiendo.
But we're going up.
¡Creo que estamos subiendo!
I think we're going up!
Cuidado, no te tropieces, estamos subiendo.
Watch your step, we're going up.
¿Por qué estamos subiendo?
Why are we going?
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