Además mi mamá no se va a enterar de nada.
Besides, my mother is not going to find out anything.
Y lo mejor es que nunca se va a enterar.
And the greatest thing is, he's never gonna find out.
Y tarde o temprano, Terry se va a enterar.
And sooner or later, Terry's gonna find out.
¿No crees que se va a enterar con el tiempo?
You don't think he's going to find out eventually?
Bueno, se va a enterar antes o después.
Well, he's going to find out sooner or later.
Se acaba de enterar que el hombre que ama no existe.
She just found out the man she loves doesn't exist.
Odias a los gatos y eventualmente se va a enterar.
You hate cats, and she's eventually gonna find out.
Y tú tenías que saber que yo me iba a enterar.
And you had to know I was gonna find out.
Te puedes enterar sobre premios, promociones y regalos de energía.
You may learn about rewards, promotions, and energy giveaways.
Lyle, por favor, ellos no se pueden enterar de esto.
Lyle, please. They cannot find out about this.
Te acabas de enterar de que Sofía ha sufrido un pequeño accidente.
You just found out that Sofia has suffered a little accident.
¿Y me tengo que enterar por un tercero?
And I got to find out from a third party?
Tarde o temprano, el resto de los muchachos se van a enterar.
Sooner or later, the rest of my boys are gonna find out.
Muy pronto, se van a enterar de dónde estás.
Pretty soon they're gonna work out where you are.
¿De veras pensabas que no me iba a enterar?
Did you really think I wasn't going to find out?
Si el gobierno investiga no se van a enterar de nada.
If the government checks it out, they won't find anything.
De una forma o de otra se va a enterar.
One way or another, she's gonna find out.
Nos acabamos de enterar de que Wheelwright está en camino.
We just got word that Wheelwright is en route.
Sentirá pánico, y todo el mundo se va a enterar.
She's gonna panic, and this is going to get out.
No creíste que me iba a enterar, ¿verdad?
You didn't think I was gonna find out, did you?
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