Possible Results:
Preteriteyoconjugation ofengordar.
See the entry forengorde.
Subjunctiveyoconjugation ofengordar.


Oye, eso es porque dejé el básquetbol y engordé un poco.
That's because I quit basketball and got a little plump.
Yo era flaco cuando nos casamos, pero entonces engordé 100 kilos.
I was skinny when we got married, but then I put on 200 pounds.
Yo lo intenté y engordé más de 4 kilos en los lugares equivocados.
I tried it and gained 10 pounds in the wrong places.
Si piensas que engordé solo dime.
If you think I gained weight, you can just tell me.
Creo que engordé ese día.
I think I put weight on that day.
Cuando te fuiste, lo engordé.
When you went away, I built it up.
Desde que engordé, no he tenido una cita.
Since I became like this, I even can't date a girl.
Creo que me engordé un poco.
Guess I took on a little beef.
Solo porque engordé dos kilos.
Just because I've put on four pounds.
Pero el problema es que engordé del cuello.
Although I think the problem is I gained some weight in my neck.
Es por eso que engordé.
That's why I pigged out.
Lo sé, engordé un poco.
I know, I know. I put on a little weight.
Tal vez engordé un poco.
Maybe I've put on some weight.
Pero no engordé nada.
But I'm not putting on any weight.
No te hubiera reconocido Ya, engordé un poco ¿Ya lo sabíais?
I would not have guessed that was you. Yeah, I gained a little weight. Did you now?
La última vez que tomé la píldora, engordé doce kilos, solo en la cara.
Last time I went on the pill, I put on two stone, like, just to my face.
La comida era tan buena que, durante las cinco semanas que pasé allí, ¡engordé diez kilos!
The food was so good that I gained ten kilos—22 pounds!—in the five weeks I was there.
Solo si tú no tenías un conocimiento previo de esto como mujer del candidato. ¿Peter no sabe que engordaste la votación? No la engordé.
Only if you have no previous knowledge of this as the wife of the candidate. Peter doesn't know you packed the straw poll? I didn't pack it.
Yo voy al gimnasio mañana. Tengo que adelgazar todo lo que engordé en la cena de hoy.
I'll go to the gym tomorrow. I need to lose all the weight I gained at dinner today.
Hasta este año yo nunca había estado a dieta, pero engordé mucho cuando dejé de hacer deporte.
I'd never been on a diet until this year, but I put on a lot of weight when I stopped doing sports.
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