Possible Results:
-we amuse
Subjunctivenosotrosconjugation ofdivertir.
-let's amuse
Affirmative imperativenosotrosconjugation ofdivertir.


Bueno, sé una forma de que nos divirtamos aún más.
Well, I know a way we can have even more fun.
Es hora de que tú y yo nos divirtamos.
It time for you and I to have some fun.
¿Qué pregunta plantearás para que nos divirtamos?
What question will you pose for us to enjoy?
¡No, Las Vegas quiere que nos divirtamos!
No, Las Vegas wants us to have fun!
Mientras nos divirtamos, Creo que estamos con buen espíritu.
As long as we amuse ourselves, I think we're in good shape.
Pero no hay razón para que no nos divirtamos también.
Absolutely. But there's no reason we can't have a few laughs too.
Deja que nos divirtamos con el Grupo de Akimoto.
Let's make fun of the Akimoto Group.
Que dice que nos divirtamos y lo lograremos.
What's say let's have some fun and get it done.
Propongo que nos escabullamos al parque y nos divirtamos nosotros mismos.
I say we sneak off to the park and have fun by ourselves.
Pensé que sería una oportunidad para... que todos nos divirtamos.
I thought it might be a chance for... everyone to have a good time.
No nos divirtamos tanto de una vez.
Look, let's not have so much fun all at once.
Ya tenemos la culpa, da igual que nos divirtamos.
We already got the guilt. We might as well have the fun.
No importa, siempre y cuando nos divirtamos.
Doesn't matter. As long as were all having fun.
Samuel quiere que nos divirtamos.
Samuel wants us to enjoy ourselves.
¿Quieres que nos divirtamos mucho hoy? ¿Quieres tocar la pandereta?
What do you say we have lots of fun today?
Su risa nos suena como una orden de que nos divirtamos a su costa..
His laughter sounds like a command for us to be amused at his expense.
Quiero que nos divirtamos.
I want us to have fun.
Espero que nos divirtamos mucho.
I hope we had a great time.
Tal vez nos divirtamos.
Maybe we'll have a fun night.
Dijo que nos divirtamos.
She told us to enjoy ourselves.
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