The word creerá is the future form of creer in the third person singular.
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No creerá lo que este tipo era capaz de hacer.
You wouldn't believe what this guy was capable to do.
Porque la gente no creerá que hay otro como yo.
Because people won't believe that there's another one like me.
Usted no lo creerá, pero hemos tenido momentos alegres aquí.
You will not believe, but we've had happy moments here.
Estoy seguro que no creerá la respuesta a esa pregunta.
I'm certain you won't believe the answer to that question.
Jamás creerá que tengo a una chica en mi habitación.
He'll never believe I have a girl in my room.
¡La gente creerá que has tenido alguna clase de accidente!
People will think you've had some sort of an accident!
La gente creerá que soy un trabajador de milagros.
People will think that I am a worker of miracles.
Y sin importar lo que pase, la gente creerá lo peor.
And no matter what happens, people will believe the worst.
Jamás creerá que tengo a una chica en mi habitación.
He'll never believe I have a girl in my room.
¡Ella no piensa que fuiste tú y él le creerá!
She doesn't think it was you and he'll believe her!
Cuando mi tío vea el poder de esta daga, me creerá.
When my uncle sees the power of this dagger, he'll believe me.
¿Realmente piensas que alguien creerá que esa es tu abuela?
Do you really think anyone's gonna believe that's your grandmother?
Nadie nos creerá, y el cadáver no hablará.
No one will believe us, and the corpse won't speak.
Pero al menos su esposa creerá que lo intentó.
But at least your wife will think you tried.
Pero si haces eso, Mona creerá que tú lo piloteas.
But if you do that, Mona will think that you're flying.
Uther nunca creerá que Morgana es responsable. ¡Arthur!
Uther will never believe that Morgana is responsible. Arthur!
Tú sabes, supongo que nadie creerá que todavía me queda.
You know, I guess nobody would believe it still fits.
Nadie creerá lo que digas de Wilkin y de mí.
No one will believe what you say about Wilkin and myself.
¿Crees que el conductor se creerá nuestra historia?
Do you think the truck driver will believe our story?
Sabes, Rani no nos creerá ni una palabra de esto.
You know, Rani's never going to believe a word of this.
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