-I ran
The word corriera is the imperfect subjunctive form of correr in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Y si la vida de Jane corriera peligro, tendría sentido.
And if Jane's life were at risk, it might make sense.
Sí, y me dijiste que corriera la voz.
Yeah, and you told me to spread the word.
Se pretendía que el euro no corriera esa suerte.
It was intended that the euro should escape that fate.
Luego ella me pidió que fuera allá y corriera las cortinas.
Then she asked me to step over and draw the curtains.
Me dijo usted que corriera pero yo no quería correr.
You told me to run, but i didn't want to run.
Nunca le pidió a Jorge que corriera por Jimmy, ¿cierto?
You never asked Jorge to ride instead of Jimmy, did you?
Le dije que corriera cuando oí a Josh viniendo.
I told her to run when I heard Josh coming.
Dejamos la puerta abierta porque queríamos que él también corriera.
We left the door open, because we wanted him to run, too.
No me extraña que corriera por su vida.
No wonder he was running for his life.
Sería buena idea que corriera en una.
It might be a good idea to run her in one.
Androide o no, no le pediría a nadie que corriera ese riesgo.
Android or not, I wouldn't ask anyone to take that risk.
Oh, yo nunca le diría que no corriera.
Oh, I would never tell her not to run.
Si fuera listo, haría que corriera para usted.
If you were smart, you'd have me riding for you.
Me dijo que corriera lo más rápido que pudiera.
He told me to run as fast as I can.
¿Qué sucedería si corriera demasiado rápido?
What would happen if he ran too fast?
Vi a la anciana diciéndome que corriera hacia la luz.
I even saw that old lady telling me to run to the light.
Mientras mi familia corriera peligro, no quería llamar a la UAT.
As long as my family was in danger, I didn't want to call CTU.
Robert me dijo que corriera y no dejara de correr, sin importar nada.
Robert told me to run and not stop running no matter what.
No es que corriera peligro... conmigo.
Not that it was ever in any danger from me.
Le dije que corriera si lo veía.
I-I told her to run if she saw him.
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