The word corred is the imperative form of correr in the second person plural.
See the full correr conjugation


Salid por detrás y corred hacia el bosque.
Go out the back, and run for the woods.
Bueno, si queréis mi consejo... corred.
Well, if you want my advice—run.
Paracelsus tiene control sobre todo mi... ¡corred!
Paracelsus has control over my entire... run!
Bueno, pues corred el riesgo y ya veremos.
Well, take the risk and see then, I guess.
Vosotros, corred lo más lejos y rápido posible.
Both of you, run as far and as fast as you can.
Y luego corred lo más rápido que podáis.
Then run as quickly as you can.
¡Todo el mundo, corred hasta la playa!
Everyone, get up to the beach now!
Si me veis venir con una sonrisa y un "hola, cariño", ¡corred!
If you see me coming with a smile and a "Hey, baby, " run!
¡Corred, corred, es una bomba, fuera de aquí!
Run, run, it's a bomb, get away!
Eso es verdad, corred.
That's right, run along.
Mirad, solo hay un modo. Tú y Gan corred.
Look, there's only one way for it.
¡Venga, corred! ¡Vamos a silbar a Coccolone!
Come on, let's go to Coccolone!
¡No mireis atrás, solo corred!
Don't look back just run!
¡Vamos, corred, ahora, ahora, ahora!
Go, run, now, now, now!
¡Vamos, vamos, corred, alguno!
Come on, come on, run, someone!
No podemos ganar, corred!
We can't win, run!
Venga corred, por aquí.
Let's go, come on. This way.
No miréis atrás, corred.
Don't look back, just run!
¡Corred directos hacia el clamor del gran golpe, aún anclado en nuestra memoria!
Run flat-out toward the clamor of the great strike, still in our memories!
Corred la voz a todo el mundo.
Now spread the word to the others.
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