-he/she will eat
The word comerá is the future form of comer in the third person singular.
See the full comer conjugation


Leo comerá tan pronto como llegue a casa.
Leo will eat as soon as he gets home.
Pobre consumidor, que comerá OMG sin saberlo, y nosotros lo estaremos engañando de forma bastante intencionada.
Pity the consumer who will eat GMOs without knowing it, whom we will quite deliberately be misleading.
Está mirando a su alrededor y cuando encuentra algo y lo reconoce como un cuerpo extraño, lo envolverá y se lo comerá.
And it's looking around, and when it finds something, and recognizes it being foreign, it will actually engulf it and eat it.
El aumento del tonelaje en el transporte se comerá los beneficios derivados del aumento del tamaño de los camiones Ésta es una ley de natural, es lo que ocurre cuando se abarata el precio del transporte.
The gain from increasing the size of lorries would be eaten up by the increase in transport tonnage. That is a law of nature; it is what happens when transport is cheaper.
Si pones cuatro monos en una jaula, Y si los pones en una jaula, el mono número uno no comerá tanto, Y lo que ven aquí en este mapa de metilación, versus los animales que no tenían un estatus alto.
You put four monkeys in a cage, And if you put them in a cage, monkey number one will not eat as much. And what you see here in this methylation mapping, versus the animals that did not have a high status.
Luisa comerá cualquier cosa; no es remilgada en absoluto.
Luisa will eat anything; she's not at all squeamish.
Si no haces la tarea, el Cucuy te comerá.
If you don't do your homework, the boogeyman will eat you.
Si Tyra tiene hambre, comerá cualquier cosa.
If Tyra is hungry, she will eat anything.
Ese pingüino comerá pescado al medio día cuando llegue el cuidador del zoológico.
That penguin will eat fish at noon when the zookeeper arrives.
En cualquier caso, él comerá tanto como le plazca.
Regardless, he will eat as much as he pleases.
Él solo comerá crema de cacahuate si está en una torta con mermelada.
He will only eat peanut butter if it is in a sandwich with jelly.
¿Yvonne tiene hambre? - Sí, pero comerá luego. Está ayunando.
Is Yvonne hungry? - Yes, but she will eat later. She is fasting.
Michelle no comerá eso. Comía carne de joven, pero ya no.
Michelle won't eat that. She used to eat meat when she was younger, but not anymore.
Larry está a dieta. No pongas el pastel enfrente de él porque se lo comerá todo.
Larry is on a diet. Don't put the cake in front of him because he will eat it all.
¿A qué hora comeremos hoy en la conferencia? - Comerá a las 5 pm con los otros oradores invitados.
What time is dinner served at the conference today? - You will eat at 5 pm with the other invited speakers.
Comerä y se dormirä en la cama haciendo los deberes.
She'll eat and fall asleep on the bed doing homework.
El único que comera es Selby, lo sabes.
The only one who's gonna eat is Selby, you know.
Nadie comera esta torta.
No one's eating this cake.
No la insistas para que coma. Si quiere, ya comerá.
Don't insist that she eat. She'll eat if she wants.
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