Possible Results:
-you crashed
Preteriteconjugation ofchocar.
-you crashed
Preteritevosconjugation ofchocar.


¿Por qué no te chocaste contra un hipopótamo como mi Hansa?
Why didn't you run into a hippopotamus, like my Hansa?
No puedo creer que me chocaste con tu colectivo.
I can't believe you hit me with your bus.
Había una mujer en el auto que chocaste.
There was a woman in that car you hit.
O cuando te chocaste con ese tipo o algo así.
Or when that guy bumped into you or something.
Sé que no chocaste el auto, Dell.
I know you didn't crash the car, dell.
No me digas que chocaste contra una puerta.
Don't tell me you ran into a door.
Es por eso que perdiste el control y chocaste.
That's why you lost control and crashed.
Dice que se rompió cuando chocaste su auto.
She says the phone broke when we hit her car.
Hace unos meses, me chocaste el auto y te fuiste.
Some months ago you bumped into my car and drove away.
¿Por qué estas en mi departamento si me chocaste con tu colectivo?
Why are you in my apartment if you hit me with your bus?
No, no puedes dar trompos Emily, no si ya chocaste.
No, you can't spiral, Emily, if you've already crashed.
Piensa en todas las mujeres con las que chocaste.
Think of all the women you hit on.
No vi un solo auto contra el cual no chocaste.
I don't know a single car you didn't slam into.
No, tú te chocaste con mi auto.
No, you ran into my car.
chocaste mi auto... porque no sabía conducir.
You hit my car 'cause I can't drive.
Parece que te chocaste con una plancha.
Looks like you ran into an iron.
No me digas... me chocaste de nuevo.
Don't tell me... you dented my car again.
Apuesto a que es del auto que chocaste.
Oh, I bet it's that car you bumped.
Sé que no chocaste el auto.
I know you didn't crash the car.
Solo trataba de llegar a ti, pero te alejaste y chocaste.
I was trying to get to you but you drove off and crashed.
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