as much as

That is what matters, but not as much as Emma.
Eso es lo que importa, pero no tanto como Emma.
My money paid for things, as much as yours.
Mi dinero pagó por las cosas, tanto como el tuyo.
Each of their heads weighs as much as a car.
Cada una de sus cabezas pesa tanto como un automóvil.
Yeah, but not as much as we can handle together.
Sí, pero no tanto como del que podemos encargarnos juntos.
The first is, wear open footwear as much as possible.
La primera es, usar calzado abierto tanto como sea posible.
In the process, it changed as much as its converts.
En el proceso, ha cambiado tanto como sus conversos.
And the record has changed my life as much as he
Y el álbum ha cambiado mi vida tanto como él
The original atmosphere has been preserved as much as possible.
El ambiente original se ha conservado tanto como sea posible.
You can follow this method as much as once every week.
Puede seguir este método tanto como una vez cada semana.
We must preserve our forces as much as possible until then.
Debemos preservar nuestras fuerzas tanto como sea posible hasta entonces.
For once, we'd like to make as much as the players.
Por una vez, nos gustaría hacer tanto como los jugadores.
Not as much as the men... but at least two-thirds.
No tanto como los hombres... pero por lo menos dos tercios.
Oh, I like a nice view as much as anyone.
Oh, me gusta una buena vista tanto como a cualquiera.
Remember, quality of protein matters as much as the quantity.
Recuerde, calidad de la proteína lo tanto como la cantidad.
The place matters, but not as much as the company.
El lugar importa, pero no tanto como la compañía.
Our goal is to simplify this process as much as possible.
Nuestro objetivo es simplificar este proceso tanto como sea posible.
Try to drink as much as possible water and tea.
Traten de beber lo más posible agua y el té.
Although in earlier times, certainly not as much as today.
Aunque en los primeros tiempos, luego no tanto como hoy.
Should avoid creases of the fabric as much as possible.
Debe evitar los pliegues de la tela tanto como sea posible.
Stay active as much as possible when you feel good.
Manténgase activo tanto como sea posible cuando se sienta bien.
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