Esta es nuestra alegría, que nadie nos puede arrebatar.
This is our joy that no one can take from us.
Los ciudadanos tienen derechos que no se les pueden arrebatar o disminuir.
Citizens have rights that cannot be taken away or diminished.
El placer es mío, y nadie me lo puede arrebatar.
That's my pleasure, and no one can take it from me.
Es algo terrible arrebatar el sueño de un hombre.
It's a terrible thing to take away a man's dream.
Porque me lo iba a arrebatar todo.
Because she was going to take everything away from me.
Vamos, Gen, me voy a arrebatar si llego tarde.
Come on, Gen, I'm gonna get busted if I'm late.
Es mío. Y nadie me lo va a arrebatar.
He's mine, and no one is taking him away from me.
El la ama... y él te la va a arrebatar.
He loves her... and he's going to take her away from you.
No os dejéis arrebatar la riqueza del amor.
Do not let yourselves be robbed of the richness of love.
¿Cómo puedes arrebatar algo que no te pertenece?
How could you take something that is not yours?
La vida que vivía me lo podía arrebatar en cualquier momento.
The life he was living could take him from me in every moment.
Eso es lo que significa arrebatar una vida.
That's what it means to take someone's life.
Entonces te lo puedo arrebatar de las manos unos minutos.
Then maybe I can take him off your hands for a few minutes.
No se te puede arrebatar, ni puede ser concedido.
It cannot be taken from you, nor can it be granted.
Porque te lo voy a arrebatar todo.
Because I'm going to take everything away from you.
¿Qué más me vas a arrebatar, Charlie?
What else would you take from me, Charlie?
Si eres un buen científico nadie te podrá arrebatar la verdad.
If you're a good scientist, no one can ever take the truth from you.
Créeme, Flash, esta vez, no me vas a arrebatar mi vida tan fácilmente.
Believe me, Flash, this time, you're not gonna steal my life so easily.
Pero arrebatar la vida de un hombre debe considerarse siempre un error.
But to take a man's life, that must always be wrong.
Y eso es algo que no me pueden arrebatar.
And you're not gonna take that away from me.
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