-has lunch
The word almuerza is the present form of almorzar in the third person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
See the full almorzar conjugation


No parece tener muchos amigos, siempre almuerza sola.
She doesn't seem to have many friends, always eating alone.
Daniel almuerza cerca de la oficina donde trabaja.
Daniel eats lunch near the office where he works.
El pastor almuerza y luego toca la flauta.
The pastor lunch and then plays the flute.
Sí, tú cálmate y tú almuerza con Tom.
Yeah, you calm down and you go have lunch with Tom.
Ella almuerza y cena todos los días con 3 dólares.
She spends three dollars a day for lunch and dinner.
Ella almuerza con su padre una vez al mes.
Once a month, she has lunch with her father.
Jim almuerza un sándwich de jamón y queso todos los días.
Jim eats the same ham and cheese sandwich every day for lunch.
Si tienes tiempo, almuerza con nosotras.
If you have the time, have lunch with us.
Me pregunto si tiene que conectarlas mientras almuerza.
I wonder if he had to plug in during lunch.
El Primer Ministro almuerza con nosotros.
The Prime Minister is lunching with us.
¿Por qué no almuerza en la cafetería?
Why don't you eat in the cafeteria?
Se dirige a la única fonda, donde almuerza.
He goes to the only inn and has lunch.
¿Por qué no almuerza conmigo mañana?
Why don't you two lunch with me tomorrow?
Ella almuerza aquí de vez en cuando.
She eats lunch here from time to time.
¿Por qué no almuerza con nosotros?
Why don't you have lunch with us?
¿Crees que él almuerza en El Basurero?
Do you think he eats by the Dumpsters?
Sabes, ¿por qué no almuerza antes?
You know, why don't you take an early lunch?
Solo almuerza una vez a la semana.
He only has lunch about once a week.
Entonces ¿por qué no almuerza con su novio en la página 72?
And why doesn't she keep the lunch date with her boyfriend on page 72?
En realidad, no se puede si no se almuerza.
Can't really be bothered if you're not having lunch.
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