The word almorzó is the preterite form of almorzar in the third person singular.
See the full almorzar conjugation


Y almorzó con un amigo del Tesoro la semana pasada.
And you had lunch with a friend from Treasury just last week.
Pero almorzó con ella hace dos días.
But you had lunch with her two days ago.
Acabas de decir que almorzó con un ex!
You just said she had lunch with an ex.
La víctima almorzó, comida para uno.
The victim had a meal, food for one.
Entonces, ¿ella no almorzó con ustedes?
Uh, so she didn't have lunch with you guys?
¿Saben qué almorzó mi hermana?
Do you know what my sister had for lunch today?
El no almorzó, ¿por qué preguntas?
He didn't have lunch, and why do you ask?
Así que se acostó cómodamente en el bosque y almorzó.
So you comfortably lied down on the edge of the forest and had lunch.
Ella almorzó con su padre.
She had lunch with her father.
Sé qué almorzó hoy.
I know what you had for lunch today.
¿Sabe con quién almorzó?
Do you know who he ate lunch with?
Gabriel almorzó en su casa.
Gabriel ate lunch at home.
En las terrazas almorzó con raciones y se fue a otra sección del rally.
On the terraces had lunch with helpings and took off to another section of the rally.
Sí, usted recién almorzó.
Yeah, you just had lunch.
Se desayunó, se almorzó y se comió.
They had breakfast, and lunch and dinner.
¿Alguno de ustedes ya almorzó?
Either of you eat lunch yet?
Ella no almorzó nada.
She ate nothing for lunch.
Él ya almorzó.
He has already had lunch.
Sí. Por lo que almorzó.
By what he had for lunch.
Dijo que no conocía a Brett Fuller pero almorzó con él el seis de enero.
You said you didn't know Brett Fuller, but you had lunch with him on January sixth.
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