Preteriteyoconjugation ofalmorzar.


Yo almorcé con su Sr. Pearl hace solo dos semanas.
I had lunch with your Mr. Pearl just two weeks ago.
No, almorcé con Sally Instagram hace tres días.
No, I had lunch with Sally Instagram three days ago.
Vamos, hombre, tú sabes Yo no almorcé hoy.
Come on, man, you know I didn't have lunch today.
Bueno, eso es muy dulce, pero ya almorcé.
Well, that's very sweet, but I've already had my lunch.
No almorcé en todo un mes para comprar este vestido.
I went without lunches a whole month to buy this dress.
Yo almorcé en el club, la comida allí es muy mala.
I lunched at the club. Food is very dull there.
Durante dos años, almorcé los restos de mis amigos.
For two years, I scrounged off my friends' plates.
Y yo normalmente tampoco lo estoy, pero, no almorcé ayer.
And I don't normally either, but, I skipped lunch yesterday.
Bueno, yo almorcé temprano, así que estoy listo para cenar.
Well, I had an early lunch, so I'm ready for dinner.
Yo almorcé con Mike en ese restaurante.
I had lunch with Mike at that restaurant.
Bueno... son las 2:45, así que ya almorcé.
Well... it's 2:45, so I had lunch.
No es muy pronto, almorcé a las 11:00.
No, it's not too soon. I had lunch at 11.
Hoy almorcé con el esposo de mi paciente.
I had a lunch date with my patient's husband today.
Bueno, bueno, hoy almorcé con mi exnovia y mis padres.
Well-well, um, well, today I had lunch with my ex-girlfriend and my parents.
Sí, si almorcé con una mujer.
Yes, I did have lunch with a woman.
Entonces, ¿con quién almorcé la semana pasada?
Then who did I have lunch with last week?
La última vez que almorcé aquí contigo.
Last time I had lunch with you here.
En su lugar, siempre almorcé en la oficina de mi profesor de historia.
Instead, I always ate lunch in the office of my history teacher.
Hablamos y almorcé con él.
We talked and I had lunch with him.
Y almorcé con un policía.
And I had lunch with a cop.
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