The word agradaste is the preterite form of agradar in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Nunca me agradaste, y tampoco a tu verdadero padre.
I never did like you, neither did your real dad.
Sí, por alguna razón siempre le agradaste.
Yeah, he always liked you for some reason.
Entonces los agradaste después de todo, ¿no?
So you charmed them after all, did you?
Nunca me agradaste, no confío en ti.
Never have liked you. Don't trust you.
Luego te conocí, y me agradaste.
Then I met you and I liked you.
Solo me agradaste porque eras bonita.
I just liked you 'cause you were pretty.
Siempre me agradaste, Bob.
I always liked you, Bob.
Por eso es que siempre me agradaste.
That's why I always liked you.
Sabes Ben me dijo que le agradaste mucho al presidente esta mañana.
You know Ben told me that the President was very taken with you this morning.
Realmente creo que le agradaste.
But I really think that he likes you.
Siempre me agradaste, Mike.
I always liked you, Mike.
Parece que le agradaste.
Sounds like he really liked you.
Pero nunca me agradaste.
But I never liked you.
No, Siempre nos agradaste.
No, we've always liked you.
Tú nunca me agradaste.
You never pleased me.
Siempre... siempre me agradaste.
I always... I always liked you.
A mis padres les agradaste.
I think my parents really like you.
Nunca me agradaste mucho.
I didn't like you much.
Algunas veces, me agradaste.
You did please me some of the time.
Ahora recuerdo por qué me agradaste.
Now I remember why I liked you. What's this?
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