The word agradas is the present form of agradar in the second person singular.
See the full agradar conjugation


Pero con David, si le agradas, todo es posible.
But with David, if he likes you, anything is possible.
El no escuchará a sus hombres, pero tu le agradas.
He won't listen to his men, but he likes you.
Me agradas mucho más cuando estás en Nueva York.
I like you much better when you're in New York.
Y ella es tan dulce y realmente le agradas.
And she is so sweet and she really likes you.
Mi nombre es Carter y no me agradas.
My name is Carter and I don't like you.
Y más que eso, a la gente no le agradas.
And more than that, people don't like you.
Pero tú les agradas, y hablas inglés como una campeona.
But they like you, and you speak English like a champ.
Me dijo en mi cara que no le agradas.
He told me to my face that he doesn't like you.
Considerando que no me agradas, lo haré por 100 dólares.
Considering I don't like you, I'll do it for 100.
De hecho, nos agradas a todos, significa que estás dentro.
In fact, we all like you. That means you're in.
Cariño, eso es simplemente porque no le agradas.
Honey, that's just because she doesn't like you.
Yo soy muchas cosas, JJ, y realmente me agradas.
I'm lots of things, JJ, and I really like you.
Eres un buen chico y me agradas mucho, pero no,
You're a nice boy and I like you a lot, but no,
Eso está bien porque tú tampoco me agradas mucho.
That's just fine because I don't like you much either.
No, creo que me agradas porque somos gemelos.
No, I think just like you because we're twins.
Escucha, niñita, simplemente para que estemos claras, no me agradas.
Listen, little girl, just so we're clear, I don't like you.
Estás en muchos problemas, y no me agradas.
You're in a lot of trouble, and I don't like you.
No les agradas porque tienen miedo de lo que puedes hacer.
They don't like you because they're scared of what you can do.
Eso está bien porque tu tampoco me agradas mucho.
That's just fine because I don't like you much either.
¿Por qué le agradas a esa gente más que yo?
Why do these people like you more than they like me?
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