The word agradaré is the future form of agradar in the first person singular.
See the full agradar conjugation


Creo que le agradaré lo suficiente, ¿no?
I think she'll like me well enough, don't you?
Si no voy al torneo, ¿les agradaré?
If I don't do the tournament, will you guys like me?
Sí, pero no le agradaré, Sharon.
Yeah, but he won't like me, Sharon.
Mira, si— Si escuchas toda la historia no te agradaré más.
Look, if— if you hear the whole story, you won't like me anymore.
Y lo peor de todo es que ya no le agradaré más a Jack.
And worst of all, Jack won't like me anymore.
Le agradaré cuando llegue a conocerme.
You really will like me when you get to know me.
Les agradaré si hago esto.
I can make him like me if I do this.
¿Crees que siempre te agradaré?
You think you'll always like me?
-¿Crees que le agradaré así?
You think I will please him like this?
Bueno, yo... estoy segura de que te agradaré una vez que llegues a conocerme.
Well, I-I'm... I'm sure you'll like me once you get to know me.
¿Crees que le agradaré?
So, you think she'll like me?
¿Crees que le agradaré?
Do you think she'll like me?
Nunca le agradaré a nadie.
No one here will ever like me.
A él le agradaré.
He will like me very much.
¡Nunca le agradaré a nadie!
No one will ever like me!
Pero no te lo voy a hacer fácil y a veces no te agradaré por eso.
But I'm not gonna make it easy on you... and sometimes you're not gonna like me for it.
Señor, esté mi voluntad firme y recta contigo y haz de mí lo que te agradare.
If only my will remain right and firm toward You, Lord, do with me whatever pleases You.
Pero les agradaré a tus padres.
But your parents will like me.
Le agradaré cuando me conozca.
You'll like me when you know me.
Creo que le agradaré una vez que me conozca.
I'm sure you'll warm up to me once you get to know me, sir.
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