The word agradarás is the future form of agradar in the second person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Dile que tienes un promedio de notas de 4.2, y le agradarás.
Tell her you have a 4.2 GPA, and she will.
Creo que me agradarás, joven chimpancé.
I think I'm going to like you, young chimp.
Cuanto menos te vean, más les agradarás.
The less they see of you, the more they like you.
Si tienes la renta del primer y último mes nos agradarás más.
If you have first and last months' rent, we'd like you even more....
Sí, creo que me agradarás mucho.
Yes. I think I'm going to like you very much, indeed.
Yque me agradas, y siempre me agradarás.
And I like you, and I always will.
Le agradarás a mi padre.
My dad is gonna like you.
Y nunca me agradarás.
And I never will, either.
No me agradarás, ¿verdad?
I'm not gonna like you, am I?
Justo lo que tienes que hacer es agradar al Guru y a Krishna, y agradarás a todos.
Just do what is pleasing to Guru and Krishna, and you will please everyone.
¿Qué no les agradarás?
They won't take too kindly?
Porque si no te agradas a ti misma, Gloria... no le agradarás a nadie más.
And then maybe you'll like you. Because if you don't like yourself, Gloria, no one else will either.
Son escritores y buscan a un nuevo editor... y creo que les agradarás. ¿De verdad?
They're both writers and they're actually looking for a new publisher, so I think they'll really like you.
Y luego, encajarás, te invitarán a fiestas... y les agradarás a los muchachos, y encontrarás la felicidad.
And then you'll fit in, and you'll be invited to parties, and boys will like you, and happiness will follow.
Actúa como si le agradaras, porque le gusta drogarse.
He acts like he likes you, cause he likes to get high.
Cuando el te respete como a tu padre, entonces le agradaras.
When he respects you as he does your father, then he'll like you.
Te invitaría a la boda, pero no creo que le agradaras.
I'd invite you to the wedding, but I don't think he'd like you.
Si no les agradaras, ¿por qué estarían aquí?
If they disapproved, Why be here?
Si no le agradaras no te hubiera dicho nada.
You know, if he didn't like you, he wouldn't say nothing.
Inclusive si no me agradaras estoy segura que encontrarías una buena esposa.
Even if I didn't like you I'm sure you'll find a good wife
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