The word agradan is the present form of agradar in the third person plural.
See the full agradar conjugation


¿Te agradan por que crees que ellos pueden volar?
Do you like them because you think they can fly?
Tiene buena personalidad, pero no le agradan todos.
She has a good personality, but she doesn't like everybody.
No me agradan las cosas que dan miedo y dolor.
I don't like things that are scary and painful.
Hay muchas cosas de usted que me agradan, Cardenal.
There are many things that please me about you, Cardinal.
Cuéntame de nuevo acerca de las mujeres que no te agradan.
Tell me again about the women who you do not like.
Ahora, Cathy y sus dos mejores amigas no se agradan mucho.
Now, Cathy and her two BFFs don't like that too much.
Verás, Micky, a él no le agradan las caras nuevas.
You see, Micky, he doesn't like new faces.
Cuéntame de nuevo acerca de las mujeres que no te agradan.
Tell me again about the women who you do not like.
Como se dará cuenta, estas personas no me agradan mucho.
You see, these people don't like me so much.
Pero si conozco a la gente, Y ustedes me agradan.
But I do know people, and I like you people.
Debería saber que a Curtis no le agradan las visitas.
You should know Curtis doesn't like visitors.
La mayoría de las veces, no me agradan los sacerdotes.
Look, I don't like priests at the best of times.
Es genial trabajar con clientes que me agradan, para variar.
It's so great to work for clients I like for a change.
Daniel y Esther no se agradan el uno al otro.
Daniel and Esther don't like each other.
Debes perdonarlo, no le agradan las chicas.
You have to forgive him, he doesn't like girls.
Me agradan las personas con la mente abierta y zapatos limpios.
I like anyone with an open mind and clean shoes.
Se agradan mucho el uno al otro, ¿no es así?
You guys don't like each other very much, do you?
¿Y si me agradan y yo a ellos no?
What if I like them and they don't like me?
Y luego los enemigos, no me agradan porque son malos conmigo.
And then the enemies I don't like because they're mean to me.
Quiero que dos personas que me agradan sean felices.
I just want two people I like to be happy.
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