The word agradaba is the imperfect form of agradar in the first person singular. There are other translations for this conjugation.
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Porque le agradaba la idea de que era su hija.
Because he liked the idea that I was your daughter.
¿Hay algún otro doctor, que tal vez no le agradaba?
Are there any other doctor, maybe he did not like?
Cuando Casey estaba con Max, sé que él no te agradaba.
When Casey was with Max, I know you didn't like him.
Natalie era una buena chica y me agradaba.
Natalie was a nice girl and I liked her.
Imagina si alguien te dijera que ella no te agradaba.
Imagine if someone zegt That she did not like you.
El no me agradaba mucho, así que nunca hablámos realmente.
I didn't like him much, so we never really talked.
Suena como que no le agradaba mucho el sujeto.
Sounds like you're not very fond of the guy.
Siempre pensamos que le agradaba Steven, pero no parece.
We always thought he liked Steven, but it doesn't sound like it.
Bueno, la cosa es que, a Melissa le agradaba mucho mi padre.
Well, the thing is, Melissa was very fond of my father.
Ella era tan dulce y realmente me agradaba.
She was so sweet, and I was really liking her.
Por supuesto, él no me agradaba mucho.
Of course, he didn't like me very much.
Y me agradaba desde el momento en que lo vi.
And I liked the guy from the moment I saw him.
Y al capitán Ross, no le agradaba la enfermedad.
And Captain Ross, he had no sympathy for illness.
Tal vez no les agradaba mi hermano tampoco.
Maybe they didn't like my brother, either.
Creo que me agradaba más del otro modo.
I think I liked him better the other way.
¿Recuerdas cuando me dijiste que no te agradaba?
You know when you said you don't like me?
Estoy seguro de que ni siquiera a su familia le agradaba.
I'm sure his family didn't even like him.
¿No le agradaba cómo habían sido gobernados los países como Rusia?
He didn't like the way countries like Russia had been run?
Sabes, en realidad me agradaba mucho tu esposo.
You know, I quite liked your husband actually.
Tú trabajaste para mí y yo te agradaba.
You worked for me and you like me.
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