Understanding is necessary to sanction or justify, convict or acquit.
Y entender para poder sancionar o justificar, condenar o absolver.
We have no power to accuse, acquit or condemn.
No tenemos facultades para acusar, para exculpar ni para condenar.
If the diamond fits, you can't acquit.
Si el diamante ajusta, no se puede absolver.
And now they are preparing to acquit another.
Y ahora se preparan para absolver uno más.
We condemn without appeal or acquit by complacency.
Condenamos sin ruegos o absolvemos por complacencia.
That's not gonna get them to acquit.
Eso no va a conseguir que lo absuelvan.
If it don't fit, you must acquit.
Si no se ajustan, debe absolver.
Why did the jury acquit Zimmerman?
¿Por qué es que el jurado absolvió a Zimmerman?
If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.
Si no le estaba bien, lo deben absolver.
The parliament decided, however, to acquit Samper.
A pesar de todo, el parlamento decidió absolver a Samper.
Aren't you meant to acquit, then?
¿No estás destinado a absolver, entonces?
They're trying to find a reason to acquit.
Están buscando una razón para absolver.
The jury's going to acquit.
El jurado lo va a absolver.
That's enough to acquit.
Eso es suficiente para absolver.
If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.
Si no queda, debes taparte.
The court showed its professionalism and ruled to acquit all the accused.
La Corte funcionó con gran profesionalidad y decidió absolver a todos los acusados.
I ask you to acquit me!
¡Les pido que me absuelvan!
In this, Beloveds, we are sure that you can acquit yourselves very, very well.
En esto, Queridos, estamos seguros de que podéis exoneraros a vosotros mismos muy, muy bien.
The judges for instance, have no alternative but to acquit or convict the accused.
Los jueces, por ejemplo, no tienen otro remedio que absolver o condenar a los acusados.
When you acquit monsters, torturers, and mass murders, you send a message.
Absolver a monstruos, torturadores y asesinos en masa es una declaración al mundo.
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